Our Team

Executive Team

Search Leadership Team

Juan Moreno

Managing Director - International - Executive Search

Navinder Binning

Vice President - Canada - Executive Search

John Gramer

Managing Director - New Jersey - Executive Search

Christopher Oldham

Vice President - Nashville - Executive Search

Laurie Canepa

Managing Director - Texas - Finance & Accounting Search

Stacy Kelly

Managing Director - Midwest - Finance & Accounting Search

Brooke Kline

Managing Director - Finance & Accounting Search

Angelica Chadwick

Managing Director - Tampa - Technology Search

Lauren Casta

Managing Director - Central & North Florida - Finance & Accounting Search

Christian Goulding

Managing Director - Supply Chain & Operations Search

Joe Mella

Vice President - Client Engagement

Interim Resources Leadership Team

Eamon C. Reilly

Managing Director - Seattle - Technology Search and Staffing

Anthony Pami

Managing Director – New Jersey - Interim Services

Bridget Lacey

Managing Director - Finance & Accounting Interim Resources

Adriana Duque

Director of Client Services - South Florida - Technology Staffing

Dieter Hamilton

Director of Client Services - Central and North Florida - Technology Staffing

Amanda Grimm

Director of Client Services - South Florida - Technology Staffing

Client Service Team

Sharon McEnroe

Director – Finance & Accounting Search

Steven Zarch

Director - Finance & Accounting Search

Ryan Mintz

Director - Information Technology Search

Alex Cohen

Director of Client Services - Technology

Dane Taylor

Director - Finance & Accounting Search

Chad Miyamoto

Director - Finance & Accounting Search

Paul TenEyck

Director of Client Service

Brandon Osterlund

Director - South Florida - Finance & Accounting Search

Drew Zachmann

Director of Operations - Atlanta - Supply Chain Executive Search

Tiffany Steffen

Director – Finance & Accounting Search – Chicago

Tara James

Director - Finance & Accounting Search

Brian Livingston

Director of Recruiting - Executive Search

Shaunna Kelley

Manager, Operations Support Interim Resources

Erin Cohen

Manager, Operations Support

Vivian Rigal

Talent Acquisition Manager - Interim Resources

Joe Scanio

Manager of Recruiting - Executive Search

David Burleson

Manager - Technology Search

Brooke Yencarelli

Manager - Finance & Accounting Search - North and Central Florida

Elaine Corse

Manager - Human Resources Search

Tiffany Franklin

Manager of Recruiting - Executive Search

Mark Berger

Senior Recruiter - Technology Staffing

Brooke Pumo

Technical Recruiter - Technology Staffing & Consulting

Support Services Team

Regan Roisman

Vice President of Finance

Shari Gottlieb

Billing and Collections Manager

Dana Meltzer

Human Resources Coordinator

We are always on the lookout for exceptionally talented, experienced, and highly customer-focused individuals to join our team.

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