Our Team

Executive Team

Search Leadership Team

Juan Moreno

Managing Director - International - Executive Search

Navinder Binning

Vice President - Canada - Executive Search

John Gramer

Managing Director - New Jersey - Executive Search

Christopher Oldham

Vice President - Nashville - Executive Search

Laurie Canepa

Managing Director - Central & South Texas - Finance & Accounting Search

Stacy Kelly

Managing Director - Midwest - Finance & Accounting Search

Brooke Kline

Managing Director - Finance & Accounting Search

Angelica Chadwick

Managing Director - Tampa - Technology Search

Interim Resources Leadership Team

Eamon C. Reilly

Managing Director - Seattle - Technology Search and Staffing

Anthony Pami

Managing Director – New Jersey - Interim Services

Bridget Lacey

Managing Director - Finance & Accounting Interim Resources

Elana Burr

Director of Client Services - Mid-Atlantic - Technology Search & Staffing

Adriana Duque

Director of Client Services - South Florida - Technology Staffing

Dieter Hamilton

Director of Client Services - Central and North Florida - Technology Staffing

Amanda Grimm

Director of Client Services - South Florida - Technology Staffing

Client Service Team

Sharon McEnroe

Director – Finance & Accounting Search

Steven Zarch

Director - Finance & Accounting Search

Ryan Mintz

Director - Information Technology Search

Christian Goulding

Director - Supply Chain & Operations Search

Alex Cohen

Director of Client Services - Technology

Dane Taylor

Director - Finance & Accounting Search

Lauren Casta

Director - Finance & Accounting Search

Chad Miyamoto

Director - Finance & Accounting Search

Paul TenEyck

Director of Client Service

Brandon Osterlund

Director - South Florida - Finance & Accounting Search

Drew Zachmann

Director of Operations - Atlanta - Supply Chain Executive Search

Tiffany Steffen

Director – Finance & Accounting Search – Chicago

Beth Weir

Director - Finance & Accounting Search

Tara James

Director - Finance & Accounting Search

Brian Livingston

Director of Recruiting - Executive Search

Shaunna Kelley

Manager, Operations Support Interim Resources

Erin Cohen

Manager, Operations Support

Vivian Rigal

Talent Acquisition Manager - Interim Resources

Joe Scanio

Manager of Recruiting - Executive Search

Al Tavarez

Manager of Recruiting - Technology Staffing

David Burleson

Manager - Technology Search

Tae Lee

Manager - Technology Search

Matthew Schillings

Manager - Finance & Accounting Search

Brooke Yencarelli

Manager - Finance & Accounting Search - North and Central Florida

Thomas Gregory

Manager - Finance & Accounting - North & Central Florida

Elaine Corse

Manager - Human Resources Search

Tiffany Franklin

Manager of Recruiting - Executive Search

Mark Berger

Senior Recruiter - Technology Staffing

Heather Roberts

Senior Recruiter - HR & Administrative Search

Brooke Pumo

Technical Recruiter - Technology Staffing & Consulting

Administrative Team

Shari Gottlieb

Billing and Collections Manager

We are always on the lookout for exceptionally talented, experienced, and highly customer-focused individuals to join our team.

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