Areas of Expertise

In 1983, Steve Sadaka, our CEO, left Price Waterhouse and founded StevenDouglas as a Finance and Accounting focused search firm based in Miami. Over the years as the firm’s reputation grew, our clients naturally started to request that the Areas of Expertise we serve expand and diversify to meet their needs.

In 1993, we launched our Information Technology search business, and a few years later the expansion continued into Executive Leadership and HR focused search. Then in the early 2000’s, the Sales & Marketing, Wealth Management, and Operations Search divisions were formed based on demand from our most loyal customers. Now we have grown our team of experts to also include Legal, Risk & Compliance so we can service our clients across many key disciplines.

What differentiates StevenDouglas from the competition is our discipline expertise approach to the business. In each of these practices, we have teams that are fully dedicated to that discipline year-round, serving as trusted advisors and experts in these particular fields.

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