Denver Executive Search & Interim Resources

Denver, Colorado is home to a diverse and innovative business community, making it an attractive destination for established corporations and up-and-coming startups. With a flourishing state economy, thriving tech scene, and a highly educated workforce, Denver has emerged as a hub for innovative careers and high-growth opportunities. The state boasts a fast-growing economy and consistently ranks among the top in recognized business environment rankings. Large corporations such as Google, Invesco, Centura Health, and VMware are among many that conduct business in Denver.

The Mile High City has seen significant growth in recent years, and it is projected to continue its upward trajectory with its diverse and robust economy reflected in its leading industries, which include Healthcare, Finance, and Technology. The region has abundant skilled labor and a favorable business environment, making Denver a magnet for enterprises looking to expand their operations and early-stage companies driving innovation.

Bill Firing is the VP of Executive Search leading the StevenDouglas Denver office with 11+ years of recruiting experience and decades of leadership in marketing, technology, and professional services space across New York and California.  Now firmly rooted in Colorado, Bill’s mission is clear:  harnessing the insights from his past endeavors to strategically partner with Colorado businesses to understand their business needs best and help attract exceptional talent to deliver results.

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