Executive Search

Executive Search

Regardless of industry or size of company, it is critical to have passionate & innovative Executive Leadership that impact company culture and growth. Whether a company is public, private, private equity or venture capital backed, their success is driven from the top and having the right people in leadership roles can make or break a company.

Our team understands the unique challenges and complexities of recruiting and delivering sought-after Executive Leadership that drive growth and lead a company to success. The history of the organization, stage of the company lifecycle, cultural factors, ownership structure, size, scope and complexity of the business will all impact who you can attract and who will be successful in these critical roles. For that reason, we invest significant time initially to understand the unique challenges and opportunities in your specific business as well as in your industry sector and the broader economy.

We partner closely with our clients to design a winning search strategy and we are relentless in our pursuit of the ideal candidate. As a firm, we take great pride in securing industry leading talent for our clients and being a part of our client’s success through the executives we help them attract.

Our Talent Acquisition Solution™

Our Talent Acquisition Solution™ is a result of over 35 years of experience identifying and attracting top tier talent. Our proven approach, which aligns expectations with the market, promotes accountability, sets a timeline, and makes clients an integral partner in our practice. Through our 8 step process, StevenDouglas has been able to consistently deliver successful outcomes for our clients.

Learn about the StevenDouglas values, process and services that our firm has embodied since 1984.

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