Financial Services

Financial Services

StevenDouglas founded the firm in 1984 specializing in Finance & Accounting recruiting, with a focus in many areas of Financial Services. There is no denying that from supply chain to Retail, all the way to wealth management and family offices, companies across all industries need premier financial talent to increase revenues, navigate through taxes and compliance, reduce costs and manage regulation. StevenDouglas is an expert in finance services recruiting, and continuously delivers the top professionals clients need to drive business and have a successful impact in their role.

The financial landscape and guidelines are constantly changing, and there is a continuous demand for quality employees. From global competition to domestic policy, the business environment is always rapidly evolving. StevenDouglas offers finance specialists and key advisors to match the right talent with a company’s goals and culture. Our team includes individuals with real-world experience in areas such as Banking and Commercial Finance, Private Wealth Services, Hedge Fund and other key financial industries with a track-record of consistently finding and delivering experienced, high-performance professionals across the United States as well as in Latin America and Canada.

Wealth Management

The wealth management sector has never been more competitive than it is today and high net worth clientele have a myriad of firms to choose from to manage their assets. In most situations, deciding on a firm will come down to a combination of relationships, performance and service levels. For firms to be competitive, it always comes down to hiring the best people in the industry. With an average of over 15 years of specialized recruiting experience, our Private Wealth search consultants understand what our clients truly value and recognize that identifying and delivering the right candidates can impact their ability to achieve sustainable growth.

Our experts truly know how to inspire highly sought after market leaders, asset gatherers, operations leadership, financial advisors, portfolio managers, accounting, information technology and compliance professionals to join clients’ teams. Equally impressive is our RIA and IBD Practice acquisition and succession planning team. If your firm is looking to proactively identify, evaluate and ultimately acquire top quality practices or if your firm is looking for the right buyer, StevenDouglas can deliver what you need.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Private Wealth Management
  • Single & Multi Family Offices
  • Executive Leadership
  • Sales Managers
  • Business Developer​s
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Private Banks/Trust Companies
  • Chief Investment Officers
  • Senior Client Service Officer
  • Compliance Officers
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Wealth Advisor
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Private Wealth Services

StevenDouglas Private Wealth Services is a highly-specialized national practice within Wealth Management that focuses on Client Service, Relationship Management, Financial Planning, Investment Operations, Portfolio Management and Succession Planning Strategies, including Next-Gen Advisory positions.

The team is comprised of former Financial Advisors and Capital Markets professionals that have first-hand experience and understand the unique needs of the Private Wealth Management industry. Their consultative approach, research-driven process and extensive industry experience has led to long-term relationships with some of the most highly-sought-after candidates and top Registered Investment Advisors, Multifamily offices, Platforms and Aggregators in the country.

With the addition of these types of services to the Wealth Management division, StevenDouglas is able to completely address the full scope of needs of the Private Wealth Management industry.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Client Service
  • Relationship Managers
  • Financial Planners
  • Investment Operations
  • Portfolio Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Next-Gen Advisors
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Family Office

As multi-generational wealth has grown to tremendous proportions around the globe, there has been a proliferation of Family Offices to support the ultra-high net worth community. The rapid expansion of the ecosystem of single and multi-family offices has created unique recruiting challenges for the sector.

At StevenDouglas we understand that all Family Offices are not created equally and they are each formed with a different vision for the future. Our experts understand the nuances of the different types of structures and are adept at identifying the right skill sets for the right situation. Equally, if not more important in this sector, is the cultural fit given the personal nature of the families holdings and in many cases the size, scope, and number of family members being served by the office. Our team has worked with offices of all sizes, start-up to very mature operations, and single to multi-generational operations.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Roles:
  • Executive Leadership (CXO)
  • Investment Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Trust, Estate and Tax Planning
  • Operations
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Real Estate Management
  • Family Concierge Services
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
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Banking & Commercial Finance

The banking and commercial finance industry has faced an enormous amount of change over the last decade and continues to evolve with bank consolidation, advances in technology, global trade, and the onerous regulatory environment. One thing that remains constant is the need to be able to recruit, hire, and have access to the best talent in the industry to stay competitive.

Our Banking & Commercial Finance team averages over 20 years of experience, which makes us uniquely positioned to deliver exceptional talent to our clients. Whether your need is in production, risk, capital markets or the shared services arena, we can assist you in your growth. Additionally, our practice is national and offers our clients a boutique search approach without the recruiting conflicts of the mega firms.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Production & Sales
  • Capital Markets
  • Market Leadership
  • Credit & Risk
  • Asset Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Wholesale and Private Banking
  • Commercial and Consumer Finance
  • Mortgage
  • Commercial Real Estate
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Hedge Funds and Alternative Investments

StevenDouglas specializes in a targeted and value-added executive recruiting process; dedicated to hedge funds that generate alpha for institutional and accredited investors. We understand the Hedge Fund landscape and have capacity to identify the best in class candidates across all investment strategies and securities that ensure our clients to achieve absolute returns.

StevenDouglas acts as strategic partner in the acquisition of critical roles, including: Portfolio Management, Trading, Operation’s & Technology. In addition to these front-office roles, StevenDouglas can also guide you in placing middle and back-office roles for trade settlement, compliance, IT, HR, and more.

StevenDouglas has experienced advisors working in the on-cycle hedge fund recruiting process, including supporting mega-funds, firms, as well as PE & VC groups.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Chief/Senior Compliance Officers
  • CRO - Chief Risk Officer
  • CCO - Chief Credit Officer
  • CMO - Chief Market Risk Officer
  • Head of Operational/Fraud Risk
  • Head of Risk Technology
  • Head/Chief Quant Risk
  • Quant Infrastructure
  • Quant Analyst/Researcher
  • Quant Strategist
  • Quant PMs
  • Portfolio Associate
  • Portfolio Strategist, Client Services
  • Fundamental Researchers
  • Traders
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