Juan Moreno

Juan Moreno

Managing Director - International - Executive Search

Juan Moreno leads our Latin American Executive Search practice, providing clients with quick access to in-country talent in Latin America across different industries including: manufacturing, natural resources/mining, banking and wealth management, and power/alternative energy. He’s an expert in International employment needs, specializing in expatriate placements as well as successfully recruiting Heads of Latin America that are based in the USA and Canada.

Juan brings significant experience in recruiting and executive search in Latin America and Europe, where he built successful management teams in IT, Operations, Finance, Marketing and Government Relations. Many of these roles were based in remote locations where finding the ideal candidate was a challenge, but Juan’s proven process and diligence consistently delivered great results.

Prior to joining StevenDouglas, Juan spent 7 years as a Principal and Latin America practice leader for one of Canada’s largest executive search firms. There he developed an in-depth knowledge of the issues affecting Latin America and established strong community ties. He also learned more of the vital role that culture plays in building successful organizations in different countries. This experience, and his focus on the region, gives Juan a competitive advantage when recruiting management teams for a wide variety of companies.

Juan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Finance and a MBA from Florida International University.

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