Emily Joyce

Emily Joyce

Senior Recruiter - Finance & Accounting Search

Emily Joyce is a talented recruiting professional serving as a Senior Recruiter specializing in Finance and Accounting Search at StevenDouglas. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in talent acquisition with a personal career journey that includes foundational experience working within the Human Resources function at Target, which helps her better relate to the clients she serves.

Noteworthy among Emily's career achievements is in her previous role, she played an instrumental part in building her division, including establishing internal processes, training programs, and shaping the trajectory of the firm’s recruiting business. Her distinct focus and expertise in tax, accounting and regulatory roles, from staff to department heads, underscores her deep understanding of the intricacies within the financial sector. Emily is distinguished by her commitment to treating clients and candidates as unique individuals, prioritizing their long-term happiness and success to ensure deep, ongoing relationships with those she serves.

In her problem-solving approach, Emily places a premium on active listening and collaborative decision-making to ensure optimal outcomes for all stakeholders. Her personal philosophy revolves around building genuine connections and firmly believing that authenticity leads to positive results for hiring managers, candidates, and recruiters alike. With a degree in Accounting and a proven track record in the recruitment field, Emily Joyce stands out at StevenDouglas for her transparency, attentive listening, and unwavering dedication to fostering meaningful relationships.

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