Christian Goulding

Christian Goulding

Managing Director - Supply Chain & Operations Search

Christian sits in the StevenDouglas Atlanta Office and specializes in Supply Chain and Operations Search, nationally, supporting companies looking to hire talent from leadership down to team buildouts within the Supply Chain space. Additionally, he has expertise in the disciplines of HR, Marketing, and Sales for high-growth, mid-sized to large Fortune 500 companies. With a strong focus on client needs and expertise in business development and strategic planning, Christian provides optimal client service to meet and exceed expectations. Christian excels in structuring teams, including supporting C-level leadership as they build out their personnel at a new organization, filling roles from VP level to Analyst.

Christian is a seasoned business development and general management professional with over 15 years of experience in various roles across Food (QSR, Franchise Operations, Food Manufacturing/Production), Beverage, and CPG, with broad expertise across other manufacturing and Distribution companies. He has worked for notable companies Fortune 500 companies as well as several reputable PE firm and their portfolio companies throughout his career. He is passionate about working with clients and candidates to meet the growing demand for flexible project work.

Clients truly appreciate Christian’s ability to successfully match candidates to the culture of their organizations. He’s had the opportunity to build a Supply Chain Search team from scratch with a Top 5 Agency while piloting a National Mentor program for new recruiters across the country looking to specialize in Supply Chain Search. Throughout his career, Christian has successfully placed, Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, and Executives across the USA in companies from $25MM to $15B. He believes ensuring the perfect cultural fit helps clients see a greater return on investment, while affording the candidate a longer tenure. Christian also has experience working with businesses in the process of scaling-up and is a sharp evaluator for personality and cultural matches using skills gained from his degree in Clinical Psychology.

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