Brooke Yencarelli

Brooke Yencarelli

Manager - Finance & Accounting Search - North and Central Florida

Brooke joins StevenDouglas as a Manager of Finance & Accounting Search in Jacksonville and serves the Central and North Florida region. She comes to the firm with a structured and ever-growing network in place and is known for making every effort to never be a stranger to both clients and candidates. She loves living and working in the “small-big town” that is Jacksonville, Florida, and makes it a priority to stay in touch with the evolving business, industries, and people that are part of the growth and fabric of the Northern Florida region.

Prior to joining StevenDouglas, Brooke served as a specialized Division Director of Finance & Accounting Search and Staffing for 8 years. She believes it’s critical to nurture the relationships she makes with both clients and candidates. Brooke always takes the necessary steps to ensure that she is making the best choices in aligning the best match between clients and candidates. Her attention to detail and efficiency shines through and highlights the dependability in her work.

Brooke graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, with Honors; and with a Masters of Health Science in Counseling, with Honors. Notably, she has previously been involved in Episcopal Children's Services Board of Trustees, and JAX Chamber, where she was Council President in 2019 in the Jacksonville area.

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