Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie Anderson

Manager - Finance & Accounting Search

Stephanie Anderson is a seasoned professional in Finance and Accounting Search at StevenDouglas. She has developed a reputation for her personalized service approach, focusing on building and maintaining long-term relationships with the clients and candidates she serves. Stephanie's expertise lies in her ability to listen actively and understand the unique needs of her clients and candidates. She believes in approaching problem-solving and decision-making from a long-term perspective, always striving to find solutions that benefit all parties involved.

In her work, Stephanie upholds a personal philosophy based on trust, mutual respect, honesty, transparency, and consistency. These values not only guide her interactions with clients and candidates but also set her apart from others in the field. Stephanie's commitment to under-promising and over-delivering, respecting boundaries, and being accountable further distinguishes her as a trusted professional and advisor to the clients and candidates she supports.

Stephanie holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing with a minor in Psychology from Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, VA. Beyond her professional endeavors, Stephanie actively supports the National Charity League in Austin, where she participate in Mother-Daughter volunteering events, contributing to various charitable and community initiatives throughout the city. This commitment to giving back reflects Stephanie's broader perspective on making a positive impact in both her professional and personal life.

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