Top Tips to Manage & Retain the IT Talent You Work Hard to Attract

Published:06/08/2023 | Posted by Bryan Krieger – Managing Director – Cleveland – Technology Search & Staffing

Top Tips to Manage & Retain the IT Talent You Work Hard to Attract

Bryan Krieger – Managing Director – Cleveland – Technology Search & Staffing

We always talk about attracting the best talent, but let’s explore what to do to successfully manage and retain the premier talent within your organization.  Once important technology talent is onboarded to fill critical roles, the real key is understanding how to both manage and retain your Information Technology employees in a high demand market. The Technology industry is a fast-paced and constantly evolving field that requires skilled professionals to maintain and facilitate business process and infrastructure as well as innovate and implement new technologies within the organization. The demand for these Technology professionals continues to be at an all-time high. Attracting and retaining top IT talent is essential for any company that wants to stay ahead and thrive in a competitive landscape that is dependent on technology to facilitate business.

Attracting the best IT candidates is the first step, and with the support of a recruiting expert in your specialty, can even be the easiest step.  The hard part is keeping these assets for the long-term.

Managing IT Candidates

Managing technology talent requires a unique set of skills and approaches. Here are some strategies to consider when constructing employee guidelines in your organization:

  1. Set Clear Expectations: IT professionals ask for clear expectations as they are very goal driven. In order to succeed, providing clear job responsibilities, project timelines, and performance metrics ensures everyone is on the same page.
  2. Provide Regular Feedback: Delivering feedback on their work, with the right approach on improvements is helpful. Regularly scheduled one-on-one meetings and performance reviews help ensures IT professionals feel they are supported and valued.
  3. Encourage Collaboration: Managers can encourage collaboration by creating a supportive team environment and providing the right tools.
  4. Allow Flexibility: Be open and consider flexible work arrangements, like a hybrid work schedule, to accommodate the needs of your employees. Collaboration is essential for success, but having the proper communication tools and flexibility to work from anywhere is key.
  5. Promote Work-Life Balance: Companies that offer special work arrangements, such as flexible schedules and generous time-off can attract IT talent that stays with your organization long-term.

Retaining IT Candidates

Retaining talent is just as important as attracting them. Technology folks are being contacted and presented new opportunities daily. Here are some strategies for retaining IT professionals:

  1. Provide Career Advancement Opportunities: Let it be known that there are opportunities for advancement and professional development within the organization and create a clear path for employees to advance on their teams or in their division. It is important for employees to know that there are additional or future roles that they can compete for to keep improving their career.
  2. Recognize Achievements: Offer incentives and recognition programs for outstanding performance, as well as bonus or performance rewards for those who go above and beyond their role. Be positive and reinforce the contributions of those who are making a real impact at your company or on your team.
  3. Foster A Positive Work Environment: No one likes to endure a chaotic and negative workplace, and that’s the first way to motivate valuable employees to start their new job search. Providing an open, supportive and collaborative team dynamic is crucial to retaining top talent.
  4. Be Generous: Whether it’s PTO, bonus structure, healthcare or other benefits, provide IT staff with supportive policies that empower employees and promote a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Provide Professional Development Opportunities: Professionals want to continue learning and expanding their skill set. By offering opportunities to help further develop and improve skills such as training, obtaining certifications, and mentorship programs goes a long way.

It is essential for companies to remain competitive if they want the top technology talent. Not only managing, but then retaining the key IT talent you spend money to find and invest in is critical to any company’s ability to grow and succeed. Once hired, providing clear expectations, regular feedback, opportunities for collaboration, and flexible work arrangements can help manage IT professionals effectively. Finally, to retain talent, remember to offer career advancement opportunities, recognize achievements, foster a positive work environment, and provide a work-life balance to help retain your technology professionals and keep your organization competitive.

About the Author: Bryan Krieger is the Managing Director of Technology Search and Staffing in the Greater Cleveland area for StevenDouglas. He brings broad expertise in the Technology Recruiting sector that he’s been refining since 2014. Bryan is focused on relationship development that leads to true partnerships and friendships, as well as providing accurate and impactful technical consulting by listening to clients’ challenges and needs. If you have any questions about the best ways to manage and retain your top technology talent, you can reach out to Bryan any time by calling him directly at 954-385-8595 or email him at [email protected].

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