Do You Have A Plan If You Lose Your Job?

Published:07/21/2023 | Posted by

Losing a job can be a stressful and challenging experience.  As a recruiter, I help job-seekers create a plan and guide them to be proactive to help them stay positive and confident during interviews.  You may feel overwhelmed if you you’ve been laid-off or dismissed, but i know that you can use the situation to your advantage and even potentially put yourself in a better environment to succeed.

During 2020, I watched layoffs and downsizing happen across the finance and accounting space as companies figured out the new business landscape. The candidates that benefited the most from the economic downturn and employee displacement during that time were those who “stayed in the game” if you will.  Certainly, it was fine and even suggested for candidates that lost their jobs to take a step back and decide what they really want to do, but they had to keep moving forward and just not freeze their careers for an extended period. The candidates I placed throughout the two years post-pandemic were those that stayed connected with their network, improved their skills or got new ones, and most importantly, never quit on the process.

I regularly mentor candidates through career transitions and put together 5 helpful steps to empowering yourself in your job search.

  1. Take A Step Back: It’s easy to feel anxious and want to jump right into applying for jobs.  However, evaluating the circumstances around your departure and what skills you’ve gained is important.  Reflecting on your previous role and company may also help you determine what you do or do not want in a future opportunity.
  2. Update Your Resume and Social Media Pages: Refresh your resume and profile(s) including any new skills and experience.  Highlighting your skills that are in demand and using them often in your resume may increase your chances of getting a response.  Make sure that your social media profile is professional and up to date.  Change your status to “open to work” if it is available.
  3. Network: Contact individuals in your networks, former colleagues, mentors, and industry contacts.  Let them know your current situation and ask for introductions to potential hiring managers.
  4. Selective Applications: Applying to every job posted does not necessarily increase your chances of getting a position faster and can ultimately take a toll on your positive attitude.  Make every attempt to apply to positions that match your skills and include a recruiting contact so that you may follow up on your application.
  5. Search Firms: Consider working with a recruiter that specializes in your background and industry.  Specialized recruiters may have insight into positions and upcoming opportunties that are not publicly known, and often they are able to shorten the hiring process.  Many recruiters can help with updating your resume, provide interview coaching, and give you information about companies and the current market.

Finding a new job takes time and effort so having a plan will help alleviate stress and allow you to feel more in control of your situation.  No matter what the job loss reason, it’s important to be kind to yourself and remember that although it’s hard to lose a job, it might lead you to an even better opportunity!

About the Author: Jennifer Easley, Director of Finance and Accounting Search, brings over 19 years of experience in recruiting and search, specializing in Finance and Accounting since 2005. Jennifer stands out in her field due to her profound industry knowledge gained through hands-on experience in the F&A area of expertise. Her background working in Accounting and Finance, combined with her consultative approach, positions her as a sought-after advisor and mentor for a variety of clients and candidates that she’s built deep, long-term relationships over her time in recruiting.  If you have any questions about finding a new role in Finance & Accounting? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Jen anytime if you need help or guidance in a new job search at 727-304-6192 or email: [email protected]


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