How to Use Social Media to Your Advandage During a Job Search

Published:03/09/2016 | Posted by StevenDouglas

If you are a job searcher on the prowl for a great career opportunity in this highly competitive market, it’s important to take every advantage available to set yourself apart from crowd. Of course it is important to maintain an updated resume and cover letter. It’s valuable to connect with recruiters, read up on interview prep, and have a well-pressed suit available at a moment’s notice. But how can you put yourself “out there” in a way that not everyone else is? Here’s an idea: maintain active, professional social media profiles to better your chance of landing a job.

Social media is typically used as an informal communication tool to connect with friends and family, but it impacts your job search in a positive way as well. We polled our team here at StevenDouglas and found that most recruiters, hiring managers, and companies are using social media for hiring. That means the people in charge of the dream job you’re seeking are likely to check out your social media profiles at some point during an interview process. If you do not maintain the right perceived online image, it is possible to turn off a prospective employer.

Here are a few tips to help you tap into the power of social media to potentially make landing your next job a little bit easier…

Use your LinkedIn network to your advantage – LinkedIn is all about professional networking. Every job seeker should have an active, up-to-date LinkedIn account with a recently taken professional profile picture. This social media account showcases your experience, professional recommendations, accolades, community involvement, and so much more!

LinkedIn allows you to network through InMails with individuals who can help in your search: hiring managers, recruiters, former colleagues, college contacts. You can also interact with your network to reconnect or stay front-of-mind. Did an old colleague post a job you’re interested in? Comment on the post or send them a message letting them know you’re interested! Did someone in a group chat ask for advice? Write back giving your thoughts on the subject.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – Make sure the public information on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles is clean. Anything that could be considered offensive including pictures, language, political rants, or personal posts should be kept private and unavailable for a recruiter or hiring manager to view.

“The people in charge of the dream job you’re seeking are likely to check out your social media profiles at some point during an interview process.”

On the flip side, some public information can be helpful for employers to view. Making your education, job, location, and an inspirational/professional quote public for a hiring manager to see could further confirm that there are no skeletons in your closet.

Using social media for your job search is about showcasing yourself as a professional, being self-aware on your online presence, and catering to those who are looking for confirmation that you’re the right candidate for the job.

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