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Global Labor Market Weighted Heavily In Employees’ Favor

Employees are ranking respect and fair treatment in the workplace among their top priorities in choosing where they work, according to a new report. Expectations for merit increases are also growing. Let’s take a closer look at the newly released data and see who’s in charge, and why, according to StevenDouglas president Matt Shore.   […]

Blog Articles Posted by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief at Hunt Scanlan

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Winning Top Talent – 4 Keys to Success from the Experts

In today’s competitive job market, simply offering someone a job hardly guarantees that the person will take it.  A company needs to inspire prospective candidates from the initial interaction all the way through the offer. This is necessary for all employers because candidates with high demand skillsets are typically deciding between competitive offers. It is […]

Blog Articles Posted by Matt Shore

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Keep the Machine Running

How companies are utilizing interim professionals to backfill open positions while permanent replacement searches take place. In some sectors, we are at the lowest unemployment levels our economy has seen in about 50 years. Deciphering the exact percentages for certain employment areas is difficult as the percentages the Bureau of Labor releases represent unemployment as measured […]

Blog Articles Posted by Mark Viner

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Recruiting for “Cultural Fit” in Latin America

How do you hire exceptional talent for the long-term? It is not enough in today’s international business market to simply recruit executives with the right qualifications. What is essential to a successful hire is the selection of executives who are also a natural fit with the company’s values and culture. One of the major problems […]

Blog Articles Posted by Juan Moreno

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Long Distance Job Search Tips

Long distance job hunting is challenging. Many employers don’t want to deal with the logistics of interview coordination and relocation when there is a sufficient talent pool in the local area. Additionally, out-of-town candidates come with more risk and are more likely to turn down a job offer if they don’t receive the boost in income […]

Blog Articles Posted by Amanda Gisler

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