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Promotional Announcements in the Midwest and Texas

StevenDouglas keeps expanding in top markets with promotions and new offices in Texas and the Midwest.  With this major growth, Stacy Kelly moves to Vice President of our Midwest Search Division, leading our search team in the Midwest with a focus in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Wisconsin. And Laurie Canepa will oversee F&A Search in Texas. In […]

3 Tactics My “Best-In-Class” Clients Use to Attract the Best Talent

One of the most rewarding things about being in Executive Search is having the opportunity to work with a broad array of clients across diverse industries. Each company has a unique product or service they bring to market and have their own processes, people, and cultures which define who they are. By partnering with a […]

Articles & Blog Posted by Ken Heinrich IV Director - HR Search

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Who Do We Need to Hire Right NOW? What Exactly Do You Need to Make an Impact?

Making the Right Hire People are the lifeblood of every business – even great product companies need great people to execute with excellence to reach the desired results.  Yet many companies invest very little thought into how to make the best hires – how to find the right people, how to identify who is right […]

Articles & Blog Posted by Donald J. Zinn, Senior Vice President – Executive Search

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5 Ways to Sell Your Company Through the Interview Process

The selling process should not stop when candidates start to interview with your organization.  Most often companies working with search partners make the assumption that candidates are fully onboard and ready to accept an offer because they are interviewing with them.  This isn’t the case! Especially in a very strong candidate market, the need for […]

Articles & Blog Posted by Navinder Binning, Vice President – Canada at StevenDouglas

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