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Managing People and “The Rest of the Story”

Managing People and “The Rest of the Story” StevenDouglas Lessons in Leadership Series By: Anthony J. Pami, CPA For good portions of the past 28 years, I’ve been asked to “manage” people. First in my Finance & Accounting career at KPMG, then Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, and ADP afterward that.  In my current work with StevenDouglas, that […]

Articles & Blog Posted by Anthony J. Pami, CPA, Client Service Director – Interim Services

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Execution of the 100 Day Plan

Execution of the 100 Day Plan 3 Things to Prepare for During a M&A Transaction By: Dan Hafetz, Managing Director – Private Equity – Interim Resources at StevenDouglas   Given the pace at which organizations are growing and acquiring bolt-on companies, most private equity firms have a process to assist businesses through this time of […]

Articles & Blog Posted by Dan Hafetz, Managing Director - Private Equity - Interim Resources

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2022: The Year of the Counteroffer

By: Amanda Rassi, Director of Human Resources Search We watched 2021 be defined by a new era of opportunity for employees seeking better pay and the option to work at home. These factors drove many of the career transitions people made during that time and continue to drive turnover today. According to CNBC, “Americans are […]

Articles & Blog Posted by Amanda Rassi - Director - HR & Administrative Search

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Creating Change: A Conversation with Chris Singleton

By: Laurie Canepa, Vice President – Texas I had the unique pleasure to sit down with Chris Singleton, an inspirational keynote speaker, former professional baseball player, and fellow collegiate alum, to discuss what he has seen on the front lines of discussions surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion in recent years. We were recruited to the […]

Articles & Blog Posted by Laurie Canepa - Vice President - Texas - Finance & Accounting Search

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Use LinkedIn to Reverse Engineer Your Dream Career

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” ― Yogi Berra Whether you want to be a Pilot, a Doctor, an Engineer, an Architect, or a Chief People Officer, the good news is that someone has already done it, and while all career paths are different, we can use the success […]

Articles & Blog Posted by Ken Heinrich IV Director - HR Search

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Promotional Announcements in the Midwest and Texas

StevenDouglas keeps expanding in top markets with promotions and new offices in Texas and the Midwest.  With this major growth, Stacy Kelly moves to Vice President of our Midwest Search Division, leading our search team in the Midwest with a focus in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Wisconsin. And Laurie Canepa will oversee F&A Search in Texas. In […]

Articles & Blog Posted by StevenDouglas

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