Unlocking Success with Interim Resources: 3 Keys to Utilizing On-Demand Talent

Published:07/21/2023 | Posted by

When leveraging outside support, both clients and providers strive for successful outcomes. I’ve been working in professional services for decades now, and I can say that I really enjoy these three things:

  1. Helping clients solve problems.
  2. Providing our associates and candidates with interesting and challenging assignments
  3. Every day being different from the next

I thrive on being able to make other peoples’ lives better while creating business solutions for an array of clients.  Every day is a set of different challenges and unique business situations, and my clients are counting on me to develop and execute a course of action that benefits all parties involved and gets the job done. And especially in interim resources, every day is different. And I love that!

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving business landscape, organizations are constantly faced with the challenge of managing fluctuating workloads, special projects, or sudden staffing gaps. There are benefits to both businesses seeking interim resources services and individuals searching for interim positions, and understanding how to leverage these benefits to create efficient and agile solutions is important. By adopting certain key traits and practices, clients can enhance their interactions with firms and achieve the desired outcomes they are after.  After almost 20 years in this business, I have learned that some clients are very effective at leveraging interim resources services while others seem to struggle with it.

The Most Effective Users of Interim Resource Often Share these 3 Traits:

#1. Clear Expectations: The Foundation for Success

Clients who effectively leverage services begin with a clear understanding of their needs. They can clearly articulate their requirements to others involved in the process, including support teams, peers, and superiors. By defining their expectations and communicating them clearly, clients are able to get faster, better results from service providers. Clear expectations also help align all parties involved and ensure a smoother collaboration, faster deployment and quicker impact.

#2. Embrace Collaboration: The Power of Engagement

To maximize the benefits of utilizing outside support, hiring managers must actively engage in the process by communicating clearly and collaborating in the process. They ask good questions and listen closely to the answers. They do what they say they will do, respond to questions in a timely manner and make themselves available for important conversations. A collaborative effort plays a crucial role because it promotes the sharing of relevant information and insights that support the engagement process, as well as sheds light on the critical objectives that need to be accomplished.

#3. Provide Feedback: A Catalyst for Improvement

Clients who excel at leveraging interim resources services understand the value of feedback and provide it constructively in a manner that fosters improvement and drives positive change. When things don’t go as planned, these clients address concerns promptly and engage in open and honest conversations. By providing feedback, both positive and negative, a supportive, transparent environment is created that promotes action and success.

Clients who set clear expectations, communicate transparently, embrace collaboration, and provide feedback create an environment that fosters successful partnerships and more importantly allows them to find the exact talent they are seeking fast. By adopting these practices, you will maximize the benefits of working with an interim resources provider, ensuring your company’s needs are met and goals are achieved. Knowing how to leverage the relationship will make it easier for you to pivot when an unexpected transition or backfill is necessary and it’s imperative to move quickly and close the gap.


If you need assistance making interim resources work for your company, you can reach out to me with questions at 404-754-4069 or [email protected].

About the Author: Craig Lewis is the Senior Vice President of the Interim Resources Division at StevenDouglas, and a seasoned business development and general management professional with over 30 years of experience in various roles across Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Professional Services. Throughout his career, Craig has worked with notable companies such as GE, Clorox, Exide, and several professional services firms. With a strong focus on client needs and expertise in business development and strategic planning, Craig provides optimal client service to ensure client needs are met and exceeded.

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