“Recruiting Myths” I Hear from Candidates Every Day & What the Truth Is

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Often, we assume that our candidates understand what our role as a “recruiter” is, and we all know what “assume” means…. More and more, I’m having conversations with candidates who don’t fully understand the role of a recruiter in their job search and how the position functions in finding new jobs for people.  And even worse, the more conversations I’m having, the more “recruiting myths” are being revealed. I was astounded to find out some of the erroneous things people think about how recruiters operate and the process.

I was on the phone just the other day and a candidate I was talking to and learning more about said, “So how much do I pay you when you get me a new job?”, which if you don’t know how this works the answer is zero, but I couldn’t believe the candidate thought they had to pay me! As many of you may know, that’s not how this arrangement works at all. So, I was inspired to discuss some of the biggest recruiting myths I hear every day, so you know what the truth is the next time you need a recruiter to help you on your career path.

#1. 💲 A Recruiter Costs Money – There is ZERO cost to you as a candidate. The fee is between our firm and our client, who have engaged us to seek the best and brightest talent, such as yourself. If someone is quoting you a fee to work with them as your “recruiter”, run, don’t walk.

#2. 💯 Recruiting is a 100% Guarantee – We are here to enhance your job search process. We would love to be able to place everyone we work with, but it does not always work out that way.  While we work for the career betterment of every person, we don’t guarantee we can find every person a job.

#3. ➕I Can Do It Myself – Using a recruiter gives you a distinct advantage.  Given the majority of what our firm is engaged on is exclusive, you will often learn about roles through our recruiters, you would never find anywhere else.  Often, I am working on confidential placements that a candidate may never know about without engaging with me directly.

#4. ⭐ All Recruiters are the Same – You need to make sure you find “The Right Recruiter” for your job search. Do your homework, just as you would do when researching an actual company and career opportunity. Finding the recruiter who has specific experience within your industry or function is CRITICAL. They should not only be well versed in understanding your skill set, but will have the right network, channels, connections and a solid grasp on the companies within your market.

#5. ✔️Recruiters Don’t Care About Your Career – Realize there’s a difference between the Career Advisor vs. The Resume Gatherer. Recruiters ARE NOT resume gatherers. We schedule a time to chat with you LIVE, before we even begin to discuss the roles we are engaged on. Your job search should never feel like a “2nd job”. Working with a recruiting partner should save you time and effort, with them conducting the due diligence on the opportunity, providing you with the ability to make an informed decision, without having to “read books on the outside”.

#6. ❗Recruiters Add More Stress to the Process – Recruiters actually should be acting as a stress REMOVER when you’re negotiating offers and making difficult career discussions. We are here to support you throughout the entire process as your career advocate from start to finish. This approach includes interview preparation through the negotiation process all the way to the offer stage. When we act as “the agent” between our candidates and employers during salary negotiations, we can often remove this “stress” component for you. We dig into the offer to understand all aspects of the decision and offer annual base, bonus, equity etc. We have a TON of experience in negotiating job offers, ensuring you receive a fair and competitive compensation package.

#7. 🤫There’s No Confidentiality for Candidates – Confidentiality is our #1 priority for not only clients, but candidates as well, especially if you are currently employed. The control is always with you throughout the hiring process. We never present your resume to anyone without your consent first, and you are fully aware of all conversations being had on your behalf.

#8. ❤️You Have to Take the Position Offered – When working with a recruiter you should always know that it is your career, your choice. The goal of every recruiter should be to have a respectful and trusted relationship with the people you represent. This process is a “two-way street”, and you should be able to have open and honest conversations with your recruiter, just as we are trusting you with the confidential and “behind the scenes” details of the searches we are engaged in. We respect your choice to do what’s best for your career and at the end of the day, YOU are the one who rises each and every day to “show up” to whichever job you choose.

Certainly, there’s the case to be made that not everyone holds to the same recruiting values that I’ve built my career on, but my goal is always best in class service and adhering to best practices because that’s the right thing to do.  If you encounter someone that doesn’t uphold these truths or blurs some of the ethical lines I’ve discussed above, that should be a red flag that something isn’t right, and you may even need to make a change. Never be afraid to ask all your questions, vet the position and offer, or know when to get a second opinion.  Maintaining trust and respect between a candidate and their recruiter is the cornerstone of being able to get the most out of this positive and productive relationship.

About the Author: Laurie Canepa began her career in Finance and Accounting in 1997, and transitioned into recruiting in Texas in 2006, earning notable accomplishments throughout her career. Her expertise of the Texas market and her network of top Finance and Accounting talent are key attributes Laurie brings to the Vice President of Finance and Accounting Search role at StevenDouglas. Laurie is known by clients and candidates alike for her dedication to excellence in the recruiting process, and her unique ability to connect with the people she works and supports.  If you have any questions about the recruitment process or finding a new role and you’re not sure where to start, reach out to Laurie any time at 512-569-5334 or email her directly at [email protected].

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