How to Nail the END of Your Interview

Published:04/20/2016 | Posted by

You’ve rehearsed your answers for the tough job interview questions, but are you ready to end the interview? How you end your interview is equally as important as how you begin it. While the first impression is critical, many people forget that the last impression tends to linger.

As you prepare to say goodbye, a firm handshake and saying ‘I look forward to hearing from you’ is not the best way to end your meeting. Instead, thank the interviewer and briefly summarize why you think you’re a good fit for the job. If you’re feeling confident, ask the interviewer if they feel that you could be successful in this position. While a positive response doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get the job, the interviewer will likely remember you as a strong candidate. If you receive a negative critique, you can take the opportunity to clarify or emphasize your relevant experience on the topic.

You can also suggest that they contact you should they have any additional questions about your background. This shows you are collaborative and want them to have as much information about you as possible.

If you feel the interview went great, and you’re genuinely interested in the position: tell them! Or, as our recruiters at StevenDouglas say: close the deal. Share with the recruiter or hiring manager that you’re very interested in the position and looking forward to next steps. This displays that you are invested in the process and can see yourself working at the organization. There is no shame in confirming your interest in the opportunity, transparency is often refreshing for a hiring manager.

One final tip to end your interview: don’t leave empty handed. Get their business cards so you can email a follow-up note to thank them for their time.

The end of an interview is a final opportunity to make a great impression. Even if you don’t think that the meeting went well, attention to small details and following these tips can go a long way.

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