Jennifer Easley

Jennifer Easley

Director - Central & North Florida - Finance & Accounting Search

Jennifer Easley, Director of Finance and Accounting Search, brings over 19 years of experience in recruiting and search, specializing in Finance and Accounting since 2005. Throughout her career, Jennifer has primarily focused on assisting small to midsize businesses and has established herself as a trusted expert with companies across Central and Northern Florida.

Jennifer's problem-solving and decision-making approach is thorough and meticulous. She takes the time to grasp the complete context of each situation and role, skillfully breaking down complex issues into manageable components. By leveraging her extensive personal experience and considering various perspectives, she consistently delivers effective solutions. Jennifer finds great fulfillment in her recruiting work, as it allows her to help individuals progress in their careers while connecting companies with exceptional talent that can really make a positive impact at their organization.

Jennifer stands out in her field due to her profound industry knowledge gained through hands-on experience in the F&A area of expertise. Her background working in Accounting and Finance, combined with her consultative approach, positions her as a sought-after advisor and mentor for a variety of clients and candidates that she’s built deep, long-term relationships over her time in recruiting. Jennifer's Master's degree in HR Management further enhances her capabilities, and is complemented by her relationships with esteemed professional organizations such as FEI, IMA, AICPA, APA, and SHRM. These affiliations provide her with a vast network of knowledge, talent and industry insights, further strengthening her contributions and comprehensive understanding of the markets she serves.

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