Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith

Senior Recruiter - Technology Search & Staffing

Jeffrey Smith, a seasoned Senior Recruiter based in Cleveland, drives talent acquisition strategies and delivers exceptional recruitment services at StevenDouglas. Leveraging over 13 years of comprehensive experience, Jeffrey spearheads recruitment initiatives focused on identifying, engaging, and placing top-tier talent in key IT positions. His role encompasses candidate sourcing, assessment, and placement, as well as client relationship management and strategic consultation.

Prior to his role at StevenDouglas, Jeffrey amassed extensive experience across various recruitment domains. He began his journey in nationwide event marketing staffing, cultivating his ability to identify and engage top talent. Transitioning into manufacturing and industrial direct hire recruitment, Jeffrey mastered the intricacies of this sector, developing a keen eye for matching candidates with the right opportunities. His expertise further expanded into IT and technology contract staffing, where he successfully placed professionals in roles spanning software development, cybersecurity, data science, and more.

Throughout his career, Jeffrey demonstrated exceptional leadership and management abilities. Progressing in his career, he assumed responsibilities such as Director of Recruiting, where he led teams and managed full desks. His leadership style emphasized mentorship, training, and fostering a collaborative environment aimed at achieving organizational goals. Through strategic planning and execution, Jeffrey consistently delivered results, exceeding targets, and earning recognition for his contributions to the success of his teams and the organizations he served.

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