Jayson Spaits

Jayson Spaits

Director of Client Services - Dallas/Fort Worth - Technology Search & Staffing

Jayson Spaits is a seasoned Senior Recruiter based in Dallas/Fort Worth with over 15 years of experience in Technology Staffing & Consulting. Throughout his career, Jayson has held notable leadership roles, successfully constructing and overseeing highly productive teams within the IT Consulting and Staffing industry. His innovative approach to sales and delivery has led to swift adaptations in dynamic market conditions, driving substantial revenue growth for his organizations. With expertise in IT recruitment, motivational speaking, and mentoring programs, Jayson has a knack for tackling even the most challenging roles in areas like Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, and DevOps.

Jayson is recognized for his commitment to building and maintaining authentic, enduring relationships with clients and candidates. His recruitment philosophy centers around authenticity, empathy, and long-term value, emphasizing the importance of connecting individuals with opportunities that align with their aspirations. Jayson's motivation lies in making a positive impact on people's lives, helping candidates find roles that match their skills and passions, and fostering partnerships based on mutual trust and shared goals.

What sets Jayson apart in his field is his ability to forge genuine connections and invest deeply in the success of those he collaborates with. He upholds integrity, leads by example, and inspires individuals towards collective positive outcomes. Jayson's dedication to community and charitable causes, including Mercy Street Dallas, Team Connor Childhood Cancer Foundation, and Operation Kindness, reflects his commitment to making a difference beyond the professional realm.

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