Cassidy Thomspon

Cassidy Thomspon

Technical Recruiter - Technology Search & Staffing

Cassidy Thompson has joined StevenDouglas as an accomplished Technical Recruiter, bringing with her over a decade of experience in the recruitment field. During her career, Cassidy has honed her skills across various industries, including hospitality, healthcare, and most significantly, technology, where she has focused her efforts for the past two years.

Cassidy's success can be attributed to her exceptional skills and areas of expertise, including the art of relationship building, unwavering follow-through, and the innate ability to connect with individuals from all backgrounds and professions. Her competitive nature propels her to excel in the highly competitive field of recruiting. Cassidy's approach to establishing and maintaining client and candidate relationships is deeply personal. She believes in understanding individuals on a personal level, delving into their backgrounds, families, and cultures to provide tailored support.

What truly sets Cassidy apart in her field is her remarkable talent for engaging in meaningful conversations, uncovering hidden talents, and instilling confidence in her candidates. Her guiding philosophy is to treat others the way she herself would want to be treated. Cassidy's dedication to making every individual feel valued and important is evident in her commitment to follow up with candidates, regardless of feedback. Her key motivator is her family, and her unwavering dedication to their well-being fuels her passion for the work she does

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