Bob Balazic

Bob Balazic

Managing Director – North Florida - Technology Search and Staffing

Bob Balazic is a highly experienced IT recruitment professional with a background in staffing that began in the early-2000s. As the Managing Director for Technology Search and Staffing in North Florida he has decades of expertise establishing himself as a trusted partner to numerous companies and brings a proven track record of finding top-tier IT talent. His success is rooted in his ability to build and maintain strong relationships with clients and candidates, as well as providing expert guidance as companies navigate transition. Through active listening and innovative solutions, Bob consistently exceeds expectations, distinguishing himself as a go-to Technology recruiter when you need timely results.

When it comes to problem-solving and decision-making, Bob believes in a collaborative approach with ethical behavior and a commitment to excellence as the cornerstones of his career. He advises thorough information gathering and teamwork to identify core issues and develop effective solutions for the most successful outcomes. By ensuring that the proposed solutions benefit all parties involved, Bob consistently delivers outstanding results. His recruiting philosophy revolves around the success of both the client and the candidate, understanding that their satisfaction is paramount to achieving long-term stability and satisfaction.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Bob is deeply committed to making a difference in his community. He actively contributes to charitable causes and serves on the committee for the JDRF Family Care Program, providing support to individuals and families affected by Type-1 diabetes. Additionally, as a volunteer youth baseball coach, Bob uses his time and passion to positively shape the lives of young athletes.

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