StevenDouglas Expands Human Resources Search Practice

Published:06/28/2017 | Posted by StevenDouglas

StevenDouglas is pleased to announce the expansion of our Human Resources Search division.  To meet ongoing client demand for Human Resources talent, we are continuing the expansion of our team to include Amanda Rassi who is transferring from another division. In addition to increasing our bandwidth, the department’s growth will include the formalization of a new service offering Executive Assistant Search.  The Executive Assistant Search practice will offer a specialized recruitment practice dedicated to finding top caliber executive assistants for our clients.

The Executive Assistant Search practice has long been in the works.  “For years Amanda has been working with long-term clients to identify top notch assistants for their executive teams on a special request basis,” said Alan Berger, Vice President of Human Resources Search at StevenDouglas.  “Just as it is a necessity to conduct a search when hiring for a company’s C-suite, we believe that the critical support role of an experienced, business savvy Executive Assistant requires the same professional search process.”

Amanda has been in Client Services at StevenDouglas for 4 years. Prior to joining our firm, she spent 6 years as a human resources and talent management professional.

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