Interim Resources Division Regions

In 1984, Steve Sadaka, our CEO, founded StevenDouglas as a search firm based in Miami and serving the South Florida marketplace.  Over the years, our search clients would request assistance with special projects and key initiatives that they did not have the internal bandwidth or expertise to tackle.  In response to these needs, the Interim Resources division was launched with a focus on providing client’s access to experienced resources on an interim and project basis that could hit the ground running and help the company meet critical deadlines and achieve their goals.  The combination of the search and interim resources business models became a catalyst to the firm’s growth.

We expanded our business outside of South Florida by serving clients needs around the country and by finding great talent to open new offices for our firm in key markets.  Our expansion into Minneapolis, New York and additional markets in Florida was the first step.  We then transferred long-term trusted company leaders to open offices in Seattle and Baltimore.  Most recently we have launched a Chicago office, an Atlanta office, a Latin America Division and our first Canadian office in Toronto to better serve our clients.

Today, as identified above, we have a network of offices throughout North America with experts that have tremendous knowledge of the markets they serve.  For over 30 years, companies have turned to StevenDouglas when they need access to highly qualified talent to build their organizations and we are successfully supporting clients throughout the following regions:

Regions Served:

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