StevenDouglas Sponsors 2014 “Be Mine – A Night in Foreverland”

Published:06/01/2014 | Posted by StevenDouglas

StevenDouglas is proud to sponsor the 2014 “Be Mine – A Night in Foreverland” event to benefit the Children’s Board Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay, a traveling photographic and audio exhibit created to find forever families for chil…dren in foster care.

The Heart Gallery is near and dear to Tammy Curtis, SDA Managing Director for the Tampa market, as she herself made a forever connection, meeting and adopting her son RD through the Heart Gallery. RD’s story has been an inspiration to so many, that it has been featured in the media and shared nationwide. As a result of her experience, Tammy wants to make sure that more children in foster care find loving homes, has become actively involved and is on the Board for Camelot Community Care, which is the umbrella organization of The Heart Gallery.

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