StevenDouglas Kicks Off New Employee Wellness Program: Stay Health Zone!

Published:09/27/2019 | Posted by StevenDouglas

Stay Healthy Zone Wellness Program

Yesterday we kicked off our new employee wellness program: Stay Health Zone!

Celebrity ambassadors Dan Marino, Joe Rose and OJ McDuffy came to the office to discuss fitness, nutrition, and living a healthy life. Our employees had a blast and can’t wait to start living “in the zone”!

More about Stay Healthy Zone

Stay Healthy ZoneStay Healthy Zone is on a mission to empower our customers to connect people with personalized health improvement resources that optimize their health. Simply put, we believe winning companies put the well-being of their people first.

At Stay Healthy Zone, we are passionate about health and well-being, and devote our resources to innovation and delivery of industry-leading, continuously evolving solutions. We help build healthier companies, and we’re proud to be changing lives.

Visit the website for more information today:

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