Inside the List: StevenDouglas’ Shore talks challenges, demand

Published:04/26/2019 | Posted by

StevenDouglas is one of the largest executive search firms in South Florida, earning the top spot on our list. In 2018, the firm placed 220 upper-level executives throughout the region and earned $12.6 million in revenue from those placements.

The South Florida Business Journal spoke with company President Matt Shore about where he sees an increasing demand for executives and how he convinces people to relocate to the region.

Where do you see an increasing demand for executive placements? The increased demand for executive search services is pervasive and cuts across a broad array of industries, sizes of companies and skill sets. One of the primary drivers is the proliferation of private equity and venture capital investment, as these firms tend to add to executive teams post-acquisition, as well as confidentially replace weaker players. The technology and health care sectors are seeing tremendous expansion and investment, and are therefore creating shortage of qualified candidates.

What are the easiest and most challenging executive roles to fill? Nothing is easy in this market. It’s a very challenging market. Private equity-proven CFOs, technology talent and sales leadership are the most challenging areas right now.

What’s your pitch to get people to relocate to South Florida? Some of the key selling features of South Florida are the weather and lifestyle, as well as the lack of state income tax. Once you get past those surface items, we’re really selling the size and diversity of the tri-county economy. Candidates are shocked when they hear the names of the world-class companies headquartered here or have a major presence here (i.e., Latin American headquarters). Our economy is resilient because no one industry dominates the area like it did 25 years ago.

What is the average length of time it takes to fill an executive position? About 60 to 90 days.

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