Russel Furman

Russel Furman

Senior Recruiter - Technology Staffing

Russel Furman has been in the IT Recruiting industry since 2015. He’s a skilled interviewer who enjoys educating candidates on the market and understanding the nuances of the positions he fills. Russel prides himself on treating the candidates with tremendous respect, and is known for forging strong, long-term relationships with his consultants.

Before joining StevenDouglas, he worked with a global recruiting firm as a Recruiting Director after being promoted from Technical Recruiter. Russel was tasked to interface and collaborate with Regional, Branch, Account and Business Development Managers to ensure internal needs and external clients’ needs were being met. This invaluable service experience has given Russel the ability to communicate ideas at various levels and provided a deeper understanding on how candidates fit into an existing organizational structure or role.

Russel loves the South Florida area, that he views as a large technology hub that’s growing every day. He has a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University. Russel volunteers to assist the homeless pandemic in Fort Lauderdale, and has also supported various Tallahassee sports programs that assist kids with disabilities in playing sports again.

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