Miles McAndrew

Miles McAndrew

Director of Client Services - Mid Atlantic - Technology Search & Staffing

Miles McAndrew is a Director of Client Services on our Mid-Atlantic technology search and staffing team with a reputation for providing exceptional client service. He is known for his strong communication skills and his ability to collaborate with others easily, as he leads various searches and projects to find the optimal candidate fit for his client’s critical staffing needs. His unwavering dedication and determination to get the job done translates into successful outcomes for his clients.

Understanding people and helping them reach their goals is one of the most important parts of what Miles does. He believes that you should treat both candidates and clients with the utmost respect because they all have many aspects of their lives that contribute to them reaching their highest potential. Miles is always very cognizant when speaking with others, and prides himself on being able to remember details about their life outside of business, what keeps them up at night and what is truly important to them in their next career move. This approach allows him to truly get to know the individuals he represents, so he can align them with opportunities that resonate with what really matters and motivates them to be their best.

Miles prides himself on his work ethic and will to win, unlike any other. He constantly strives to be the best at whatever endeavor he takes on. Miles earned a Bachelors Degree in Organizational Communication from James Madison University.

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