John Sabo

John Sabo

Director of Recruiting - Technology Staffing & Consulting

John Sabo combines over 12 years of technology staffing experience in addition to a decade of actual hands-on technology management. This unique background has provided profound insight into the IT staffing industry as he has been both an IT hiring manager and a technology candidate.

Prior to StevenDouglas, John was Division leader for a national IT staffing firm where he was highly successful at developing effective staffing solutions for local markets, national/long-line operations, and high-volume VMS/MSP-based contracting models with Fortune 500 corporations.

John’s strong technical background and a comprehensive expertise with the entire enterprise technology architecture model enables him to truly understand the details & complexities of a client’s individual needs within the technical landscape of an organization. The results of his work have fostered deep relationships with candidates and clients not just locally in South Florida, but also on a national level.

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