Search Division Disciplines

In 1984, Steve Sadaka, our CEO, left Price Waterhouse and founded StevenDouglas as a Finance and Accounting focused search firm based in Miami.  Over the years as the firm’s reputation grew, our clients naturally started to request that we expand into different disciplines.  In 1993, Steve Kalisher joined the firm and launched our Information Technology search business which he still leads today.  In the mid 90’s, the expansion continued into HR focused search, and then in the early 2000’s, the Sales, Marketing, and Operations Search division was formed based on demand from our most loyal customers.

What differentiates our firm from our competitors still to this day, is our discipline expertise approach to the business.  In each of these practices, we have teams that are fully dedicated to that discipline year round and they are experts in these particular fields.  Also making us unique is that we not only help our clients build out world class executive teams through our Retained Search practice, but we also can help those executives build their middle management teams through a disciplined focused contingency search approach.

For over 30 years, companies have turned to StevenDouglas when they need highly qualified talent to build their organizations. Powered by our years of experience and proven track record, our successful search and recruitment strategy delivers the strongest candidates for outstanding leadership teams.  We specialize in sourcing talent within the following disciplines:


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