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South Florida Business Journal – By Kevin Gale

best places to workAs a company in the service industry, executives with Steven Douglas Associates recognize the biggest difference between it and its competitors is its employees. As a people-centric business, the company’s focus is on attracting and retaining the highest quality talent. With the competitive advantage of being a search firm, the company is exposed to various environments.

“We recognize that you cannot attract A+ talent if you operate a C+/B- business,” President Matt Shore says.

The company has improved through simplification. It hires great people, delivers exceptional service and provides associates with a supportive and encouraging environment.

“We have been able to attract some great people in the second half of 2009 because our competitors have taken the short-sighted approach of micromanaging, restructuring, reducing compensation plans and generally treating people poorly,” Shore says. “Everyone can treat their employees great in boom times, but a leadership team’s true colors tend to show in tough economic times.”

Matt Shore - 40 Under 40 Award

The company offers competitive compensation and benefits, and celebrates each other’s successes with weekly in-office recognition, as well as enjoying celebratory outings. The entire office went to Joe’s Stone Crab in January to celebrate a great fourth quarter. The company runs
quarterly contests to keep a competitive spirit in the office, and brings in hot breakfast and fresh fruit every Friday.

“It’s a lot of little things that make our employees feel appreciated and allow them to save some money in the process,” Shore says.

About the company, a 17-year employee lauded management’s respect, kindness and generosity. Others called it a “good place to work,” “truly unique” and “ethical.” Another commented that the company“is led by people who believe in a true balance between work and family and live that possibility every day.”

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