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Wealth & Investment Management Side

Our Wealth & Investment Management practice recruits for:

  • Private Wealth Management
  • Institutional Portfolio Management
  • Family and Multi-Family Offices
  • Foundations and Endowments Funds
  • RIA & IBD Practice Acquisition
  • Practice Succession Planning

Wealth Management

Investment management comes with great complexity and risks, and in order to keep their competitive advantage, the top financial services firms understand that it all comes down to their people.

Our Private Wealth and Institutional Portfolio Management search consultants, with an average of over 11 years of experience, understand what our clients truly value and recognize that identifying and delivering the right candidates can impact their ability to achieve sustainable growth. Our experts truly know how to inspire highly sought after asset gatherers, market, legal and operations leaders, financial advisors, portfolio managers and compliance professionals to join our clients’ teams.

Equally impressive is our RIA and IBD Practice acquisition and succession planning team. If your firm is looking to pro-actively identify, evaluate and ultimately acquire top quality practices or if your firm is looking for the right buyer, SDA can deliver what you need.

Delivering Talent, Impacting Results
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