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Today’s CFO holds an increasingly critical role in the success of their company. They are not only charged with protecting their company’s finances and instilling confidence with shareholders, top financial executives must have the business acumen to tackle broader business issues, provide insight and detailed analysis for better decision making and execute on the corporate strategy set by the CEO and Board of Directors.

Practice Leader and SDA President Matt Shore has been placing CFOs for 20 years with private, public and private equity/venture-backed companies across a broad range of industries. He understands the demands, dynamics and skill set required for a CFO to succeed in these diverse settings, and is an expert at vetting candidates.

Matt and his team use our firm’s proven methodology to go through the market locally and nationally to identify the most qualified candidates for hard to fill CFO positions. They have the credibility and reputation to get the attention of top CFOs, and know how to inspire them to consider opportunities with our clients. Lastly, they leverage our vast market knowledge and negotiating expertise to help facilitate and advise clients through to a successful hire.

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