South Florida

Cindy Hernandez

Vice President, Research and Marketing

As Vice President of Research and Marketing, Cindy is responsible for spearheading the overall growth and direction of the company´s marketing initiatives, strategic partnerships, emerging media platforms, brand image, and customer acquisition both online and offline. In this hybrid role, she is also charged with overseeing research efforts on very senior and complex searches. She utilizes over 15 years of experience in research to execute a comprehensive national search of potential candidates and sources within an industry, identify those that would make an ideal fit for the role, both in skill level and client workplace culture, and make the initial contact in order to attract highly qualified candidates.

Cindy’s primary marketing responsibilities will include executing the company´s marketing strategy to the external public, advertising, overseeing Web site design and content development, and evaluating and optimizing all aspects of customer interaction. She is also involved with company sponsored events and maintaining all advertising and partnership relationships to help benefit and promote the company´s image and business model.

Cindy brings to the firm an extensive professional background in marketing garnered through years of working as an executive with major public and private firms in South Florida, including organizations such as The Beacon Council. Cindy has also been working in the recruiting and marketing areas of executive search since 1997, and was previously with Steven Douglas Associates where she honed her executive search, sourcing and database skills.

Cindy earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Florida International University.

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