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PD – Human Resources

Areas of specialization include:

  • Interim HR Leadership
  • Organizational Design
  • Executive and Employee Compensation Plan Design
  • Benefits Plan Design
  • Training, Learning and Development
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Employee Communications
  • Human Resources Information Systems

Human Resources

Most CEO’s would tell you that people are what make the difference in their business. In fact, many companies use this messaging in their taglines, advertising, and social media. Knowing this does not negate the fact that Human Resources departments are quite often under-staffed and stretched too thin. These resource constraints often lead HR departments to focus on the blocking and tackling that needs to get done but keeps them from pushing forward on important value-added initiatives that can have a positive impact on the business.

Our Interim and Project Resources division provides companies with experienced Human Resources professionals that can plug into your existing operation to augment your team. Our associates, who possess an average 18 years of experience, can be deployed individually or as a team to take on a special project where the company lacks the internal expertise or they can come in and backfill an existing role/roles while internal team members tackle the initiative. The end result is that the business is moving forward and the company does not have to invest in incremental permanent hires to get there.

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