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Welcome to our special focus section honoring some of Broward County’s most impressive business leaders. The South Florida Business Journals 2011 Broward Ultimate CEO Awards recognizes those CEOs who have made extraordinary chievements both for their companies and for their communities. As you read a bit about their backgrounds, you will find that they are a diverse group with many talents. We cover their philosophies and note what drives them onto each great success. You might even learn a few extra facts about them personally that you will find entertaining and inspiring.

Chairman and CEO, Steven Douglas & Associates
3040 Universal Blvd., Suite 190, Weston 33331
(954) 385-8595



  • B.S. in accounting, University of Florida


  • Sadaka has a passion for cigars and is an investor in a cigar bar in Weston.

Since founding Steven Douglas Associates in 1984, Steve Sadaka has built the firm into one of the largest boutique search and project-based professional services firms in the country. In 21 years, he’s achieved growth and success by tapping the traits of any successful CEO, especially “being able to adapt quickly to a changing environment and providing confidene and direction to your team,” he says.

Examples of quick adaptation would be Sadaka’s Talent Acquisition Solution™, a unique process that accurately matches the true requirements of a client with the marketplace, and his management of the firm’s Wealth Management practice that serves clients in investment management, private banking, multifamily offices, family offices, foundations and endowments.

Under Sadaka’s leadership, Steven Douglas continues to expand and prosper in the face of a challenged economy. The firm grew by 51 percent last year and achieved status as the 26th fastest-growing company in South Florida. It has been honored among the Best Places to Work in 2010 and 2011, and won the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s 2010 Good to Great award.

A lifelong student of entrepreneurship who has no mentor to speak of, Sadaka along the way has learned three key characteristics of successful CEOs: remain steady, trustworthy and interested in your team. In this way, Sadaka relies on his team to play their roles so he can play his.

“They let me focus on my strengths and what is the most valuable use of my time,” he says.

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