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Numerous studies have shown that moderate consumption of alcoholic beverage may actually be good for us. A glass of red wine every now and then can improve our heart health and reduce our risk of certain deadly diseases, including some types of cancer. But when drinking is taken to the extreme, it almost always ends badly.  That is why is always a good idea to ban alcoholic beverages from holiday office parties.

It might not go over well with the troops, but a good manager knows that alcohol, the holidays, and colleagues just don’t mix.  For one thing, booze tends to lower our inhibitions, making us more likely to do things we might later regret. Most of us have made bad decisions whilst under the influence of potent potables, but if we do so at work, if could cost us our livelihood.

Alcohol is also an known accelerant–which means that if there is any workplace tension, and there almost always is in the modern office, booze will invariably bring it to a head. That’s why bars employ bouncers and the police make regular runs to local watering holes. Our advice?

Instead of alcohol, serve a bevy of sweets at your next office party. They are every bit as satisfying on an emotional level, but they will not precipitate the wild emotional swings associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

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